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He is just.. Really on my mind tonight. He fell asleep on me while we were talking on the phone and I keep replaying his cute little tired voice in my head:)

This boy is my rock. He pulls and holds me together. He is my hero. He has made me realize how much better I can be and has dug me out of several holes. He is my best friend. He never fails to be there for me. He is the boy I’d like to eventually marry or even just.. Spend the rest of my life with. I can see it happening, definitely. People say, ya know things change, and yeah.. They do. And there is a possibility that we could part in the future, but the journey right now is the best part. Knowing I have the journey to our futures being together, intertwined, and connected in some way, shape, or form is the cherry on top of everyday I live and let me tell you - I am in for the long run. I love this boy to a far away galaxy and back, countless times.

/endgushyloveydoveything sorry.