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I’m surrounded by idiots and people who hurt me.

Seriously. Fuck this shit.

I’m so sick of everyone. SO sick.


Why do people feel the need to be so fucking stupid. I can’t stand it.

I’m about to fucking cut myself off from the rest of the god damn world.

I hate people. Half of the people I know don’t even use common sense for serious things let alone on a fucking daily basis.

Then oh yeah, come to me and ask me what to do that’s great, but then get mad at me when I tell the truth or even my thoughts. Like. Fucking really?

No. Fuck that.

oh and then there’s the people who fucking come to me and tell me something that you know will destroy me inside and outside and they KNOW it will. Forever. Yeah, you REALLY care about me. I can tell. After waiting for an opportunity to speak without it being fucking.. awful. Yeah okay. Then BAM no, fuck you Brittany.

Fuck that shit.

Like yeah, I’m sorry. Okay. I get it. Do you understand how fucking sorry I am yet? Have you ever? Probably not.

People fucking suck.

I’m not posting for a while. Have a lovely tumblr time without me.